How to Look Fabulous After 40 in Women’s Suits

How to Look Fabulous

How to Look Fabulous After 40 in Women’s Suits

Women’s suits are still the perfect choice for business and corporate wear. However, as you age, it can be a challenge to look like your 15-year-old self. How do you achieve the fabulous 50s professional look? Follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll get the look you want!

The LBD How to Look Fabulous

The Little Black Dress – the LBD has been a staple in women’s fashion for decades. As you age, your black dress will serve you well. It is versatile and can be worn in different ways. It will make you look thinner and taller, and shrug off most body swearers. You can accessorize the dress to get more mileage from it. Keep oils on hand for virgin curls or send them with your daily shower.

A Thinner suit

actor’s suits are sometimes easier to wear than their predecessors due to less fabric and a sleeker cut. Suits are broadly the same width as your suit jacket, which means that a great tailor’s cut will be necessary. Tailoring your suit is the most important step in achieving a gorgeous fit. The investment you make in this step will pay off in the tailoring room. Thicker fabric and less generous cuts may be the right route to take. More relaxed, cheaper fabrics (look for super 80s glued jersey) may be fine for your day job, but will feel thin in the board room.

Patent shoes How to Look Fabulous

While you are in the boardroom, don’t forget what you are wearing!

Your Socks How to Look Fabulous

While your pinstriped pant looks great, your socks should be … well … something. Do not wear whole- Elf socks; it will make you look ridiculous. Rather, opt for quality, plain white socks, or lightly-ioned knit socks. Whatever socks you choose, make sure they have a color matching your suit, or pick out some that match your cuff color. White means sparrows, black means droplets. Your socks will look much more put-together and professionally tailored if they match the rest of your ensemble.

The Blazer How to Look Fabulous

Your blazer should follow the same principles as your suit – a sharp, dark pinstripe works wonders on most shapes. Similarly, your blazer can be worn with a casual skirt, or can be dressed up for a sit-down date. To do so, pair it with a stylish belt, or a coordinated sweater. Simply roll up your jacket and stick with minimal, basic pieces.

Black Shoes

Just as a black hued belt would put a smart line on a pair of jeans, so too would optimistic, envisioning-style shoes. Opt for leather, suede, or dress shoes. No, not those ballet flats from a Mary friggin McGetaway bob. Celebrities wear them all the time!

Well Pear-Shaped How to Look Fabulous

Athletes carry their shape well too! If you’re pear-shaped allow your jacket to hang past your hips, and pick out wide lapels that will help elongate your torso. A peep-toe silk top would look fabulous with a tailored pencil skirt and a tailored skirt suit, or show your true artistic genius with an unadorned, layered look using silk layers … layers that blend in with your jacket, a thin top, or a printed blouse that hangs an inch or two above hip level.

Add a scoop neckline or a V-neck to any blouse, and the effect will be more elongated and thinner. A crew-neck may poke out of a snazzy jacket, or pop into a knit top. Also … make sure to photograph yourself with the new look, running errands that day. It’s more dramatic, and less cozy than a jacket worn with jeans.

Now go, off to put in that hard work in the office and still look fabulous at the end of the day!

What to Wear at Both ends of the Year How to Look Fabulous

In winter, peel off shirt sleeves. In early spring, bare those arms. Back in mid-Spring get How to Look Fabulous your sleeves back. By late Spring add knit tops, and eventually, a shrug (Examples: a colorful Chinese princess balligan).

welcoming Green into your closet How to Look Fabulous สล็อตเว็บตรง

Bold, rich, and early- SPRING is all about the daffron. Use rich fabrics such as chiffon, tissue, or silk to tone down the brightness. When fall begins to emerge, go towards lighter colors, like lavender, pale blue, and rose. The goal is to flatter your figure to create the illusion of balance. Before springtime, Mad Men sets our eyes on tons of rich browns, nudes, and tans. Our sartorial mannish dealerInfo. What color should you wear to a professional appointment? Every man needs to tap into this season’s palette.