Why Buy Low Light Houseplants?

How many of us have felt the cold, drab atmosphere of winter? Perhaps those of us who have to stay inside all summer feel like it is always winter. In either case we have no connection to the outside world and to plant life. It is amazing just how much of a difference a single plant can make in a dark environment. You could go from feeling hopeless and depressed because of the dark environment to feeling some real hope because of a healthy, thriving plant. Plants have long been a symbol of hope and life, of vibrancy. What else would you like to surround yourself with other than something green and thriving? Most people assume that plants are just for the outdoors and only for people who have large garden space, but they are quite mistaken. You can grow a large garden inside your home if you just focus on low light house plants. We learn in school that plants require light in order to live, but they don’t realize that many plants only need a little bit of light. These low light house plants can thrive in dark corners of your house and really spruce up the environment. However, there are other great reasons to buy a low light house plant. Read about them here:

1. Low light house plants generally do not require a great amount of care if they are kept in a stable environment. This means that you actually won’t need to water them too much. This is partly because low light house plants grow slowly and so do not require much water. If you water them too much their roots can actually rot.

2. This also means that indoor house plants should generally grow slowly. Unlike an outdoor plant that receives a lot of sunlight and water, low light house plants grow very slowly. This is sort of the same with people who receive more or less nourishment. If you receive lots of food and warmth you are much more likely to grow larger over time. A plant is really no different in terms of light and soil nourishment. Low light plants obviously don’t get much light and don’t need it. They can grow at a slow rate over many years, providing the same beauty and vibrancy of an outdoor plant, but without the care. Indoor low light house plants probably won’t grow all over the place and require that you constantly trim them or watch where they are growing.

3. Another great reason to have an indoor low light house plant is that they are beautiful. Obviously your definition of beauty might be quite different than my own, but most low light plants are fairly subtle in appearance. While they might not blow you out of the water with some flashy look, they provide a subtle beauty that many people find more attractive. This is partly because few of them produce flowers, so the real aesthetic appeal is in the leaves themselves, which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

These are just a few good reasons to buy low light house plants. The next time you are sitting inside, contemplating how boring or depressing your winter is, think about buying a low light house plant. With just a little bit of care you can have an absolutely beautiful plant growing in your home. If at first you have some trouble getting the plants to grow, experiment and talk with an expert. There is sure to be some sort of beautiful plant that will grow in almost any environment.

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