Light House Poster Angels and Demons

A light house is a beacon of hope often surrounded by dangerous seas and menacing obstacles. To a sailor, a it signals a safe path to follow home. To the ancient builders of the original light house, they were a symbol of prestige and importance. The ancient Light House of Alexandria which was built in 3 BC, and towered near 400 feet, was one of the last remaining seven wonders of the world. Modern posters of these guardians are often surrounded by images of sand and beach that fondly remind us of vacations and summers spent around the water. With such a gamut of symbologies and remembering, it is no wonder that light house posters are such coveted pieces of art.

Lighting The way Home

When shopping for a light house poster, there are several things to consider. The first and most obvious, is finding one that strikes a chord with you. There are light house posters surrounded by serene and tranquil sea front settings, as well as shome showing showing treacherous shoals being pummeled by crashing waves, while lightning flashes, and clouds threaten. Not only the serene images have a rightful place on our art deprived walls, but the striking images have a place there as well. It all depends on the kind of emotions the room or surroundings are attempting to elicit from the visitor. If your passion runs to boating, or are an avid sailor type then perhaps the serene beach light house scene is best for you. Every regular sea going boater has probably had their share of tumultuous water adventures. If your attempt is to create a more sombre feel in your art space, then perhaps the more adventurous light house posters would be more advisable.

Light House Symbology

Before placing a piece of art on your walls, it may behoove you to know a little more about what the imagery means. There are some slightly more obscure representations that have been relegated to light houses over the years. They are sometimes used in religious writings as representing a safe path to salvation. Not only used in mainstream spiritual beliefs, but also used to some degree by those who follow the occult teachings. Beacons of truth for darkness or light I suppose. Conspiracy theorists believed that the red stripe surrounding the lighthouse was actually the snake of Lucifer. Some would also like to believe that they are symbols of male fertility. Not too hard to imagine where someone came up the that allusion. Some things you may want to consider though when hanging light house posters around the house. Personally, I like the image of sail boats gently chasing breezes, children building sand castles, and waves lapping the shore. You however can see whatever your imagination dreams.

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